Benefits for members:

2 min readMay 5, 2022

1. Digital Asset with great potential.

2. From 1% to 10% of revenues from sales of contextual advertising in the search engine will be evenly distributed among all current NFT owners (this item will start working with the launch of integration with the platform).

3. Up to x5 — x20 increase in the value of a digital asset only on price changes. The nominal price of NFT Bill-Mill with the launch of the integration platform is planned to be from 200 USDT equivalent.

4. Additional staking in the amount of 100% of the NFT value, for a period of 1080 days.

This gives 8% per month (96% per annum), which for the full staking period gives a 400% return on all funds spent on the purchase of NFTs (the staking body is returned at the end of the term + interest on profits). Quadruple return on your MILL equivalent and a digital asset with great potential for profit from future advertising budgets with the NFT attribute phrase!

5. Referral accruals for the marketing program. When referring new members to the team, get up to 25% of their staking (see marketing) up to 10 levels deep in the team. Interest is accrued both for staking, which is done to receive NFT in the first way, and for bonus staking (as a result, double referral accruals when buying NFT in the first way).